The Unfolding Story of a Timeless Gypsy

Timeless Gypsy aka Jesse Hendricks is an undoubtedly talented artist. He brings a wealth of unique artistic and spiritual experiences, that have influenced his identification as a musician.  Curious and intrigued by how Timeless Gypsy came to be, we asked him to share more about his musical evolution with us. Read his beautiful response below and catch him at the Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz Monthly, this November 25th at the PCC.

My upbringing was truly a unique experience and did in fact influence my adult music career. I lived in a split family from the age of three and my parents were both involved in the music industry, yet the types of music and social setting for each of these realities was like night and day.

My Dad was living close to the church community and our family band actually offered Christian folk and original acoustic based music with many congregations across the southern states of the U.S. This was devotional music and our income came from the tithing bucket! At this time I was playing banjo on some tunes and my two brothers were adding bass guitar and fiddle. It was like the Partridge Family at times cruising around in a low budget, yet functional RV. 


Playing music for the highest good. On the other side of the curtain was my Mom, who was managing and dressing such country acts as Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and the Judds. I would get swept away on the tour bus and find myself hanging with the band on our way to Vegas or South Lake Tahoe to play some high end venue with lights and cigarettes and lots of money exchanging hands. I was starting to play drum kit at the age of 11 or 12 with the influence of my step father who was the drummer for Emmylou Harris at the time.

What a duality! The common thread was music though. I saw the dedication to the muse whether it was in a conservative baptist church deep in the heart of the Bible Belt or in a top notch recording studio in L.A. with hopes of another hit single. There was a commitment to learning your parts, practicing your instruments, jamming with others and ultimately having fun with this art form. As an adult now looking back on my childhood I see where my attention to detail in music production and dedication to playing and digging into my instrument knowledge comes from. Whether I was learning a bluegrass traditional song on the banjo or rocking out to classic Yes and Rush as I mimicked the drum parts in the basement, I was playing and hungry for more.

One of the joys of sharing my music with the free-form movement culture is that in this day and age the music is so diverse and cross pollinated that I can take all these lifelong influences and share them with uninhibited ears. The community feels the essence of that dedication and musicality of it all. As a multi-instrumentalist I can switch from bansuri flute to steel pans to banjo with trippy effects and create a sonic journey that is a “one of a kind experience”. I always find that I come back to a melodic and heart based core with my songs and this thread is what ties the greater . dance/movement tribe together.


May the story continue to unfold as these lifelong gems slowly integrate into the music of Timeless Gypsy.

Find Timeless Gypsy on FB and on his website. 

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