Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, sacred space. Last nights dance was epic for me. It was one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had in my life. People got to see the true me last night. I’ve never felt so safe, so held, so met and so loved. Last night I danced with angels in our own private slice of heaven. You are an amazing human being and I’m blessed to know you.
Bless you brother!


Hamid, we didn’t have a chance to meet Sunday when you took us on the Magical Easter Journey Within in Santa Barbara. I had to leave early as my dog was in the car. I simply wish to thank you deeply for the gift of BEING with us Sunday. It was the most elated and connected I have witnessed my Tribe to be so far. YOU are a GIFT to humanity. Love and Blessings!


Beautiful to meet you at Dance Tribe!
Thank you so so much for the gift that you bring… wow …I was so moved by your art and the musical journey and words that channeled through you.
I would love to hear more about your journey with music and dance. Hope to see you again soon!
Have a great day!
Hugs & Smiles


I just wanted to thank you again for welcoming me into your space last night. Truly a night I will remember and reflect on for many years to come. I’m still in the flow this morning – everything around me seems brighter, more beautiful. I’m hearing every sound, cherishing every smell, fruit tastes amazing today. I’m focusing everything on staying in this moment. Last night, I believe I experienced the true feeling of letting go.
Thank you for your kindness. It was truly an honor to meet and share sacred space with you.