Ariel’s Ecstatic Debut

I’ve known Ariel Churchill for about two decades and is a Santa Cruz local –  she’s always been into the arts and has found herself creating through music, dance, & other expressive arts. She brings a calm, solid and heartfelt energy and I’m excited to have her craft a musical journey for us on August 26th at the Pacific Cultural Center.

I asked Ariel to share what dance means to her, read her response below and check her out on Soundcloud.

“Dance for me has always been one of the most powerful tools I have for self-expression and release. Dance is a way to wring out my body of all that I have absorbed and want to let go of, or conversely it can be a way to really go deep into aspects of myself that I want to honor and emphasize. Dance can be the deepest therapy and simultaneously the most lighthearted play. Whenever I dance I am showing up for myself and this life in celebration of who and what I am. Movement is what we were built for, movement is freedom.”


Dance with us on August 26th! Find out more info on FB or Eventbrite.