Steering the Energy as an Act of Service and Surrender












Welcome back Dj Dakini to our Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz Monthly this Jan 27th at the Pacific Cultural Center!

Last time in closing circle, she shared that the set she created couldn’t have happened without the dancers present…In the Spirit of curiosity, we asked what she could say about this co-creation her response below…

What I can say about the co-creational process: when I am facilitating ecstatic dance I utilize years of facilitation & ceremonial training, to ensure I am reading the dance floor energy and holding a powerful, clear and sacred container. I usually experience a state of selflessness and non-ego, where I become a conduit for the music – and the energy of the dancers and the collective dance floor energy guides me on what to play and how to steer the journey. It’s a humbling experience of “giving over” in service, so each facilitation is unique and holds a particular power. So really, the journey is driven by the energy of the dancers – they steer me, and I am in service to what they need during the journey.

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