Inner Rhythm is Moving!

Inner Rhythm is moving to the 418 Project 8-10pm beginning May 10th.
(Yes, it was gonna be April 26th. Now its May 10th)

Many of us are very excited about landing in this new home for Inner Rhythm. The choice to move on from the Chi Center has been a challenging one. The energy there has definitely supported a deep, safe container. And, it has been the birthplace of Inner Rhythm in Santa Cruz. We have pretty much maxed out the space at the Chi Center; which is the main reason for the move. I look forward to sharing a bigger space with you all!

If you haven’t yet been to Inner Rhythm, I invite you to join us at the Chi Center before we move. Come experience this sweet, charged, ecstatic vibe in it’s peak~ just before it is re-birthed into the 418.

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