Intentional Dance Spaces with Dj Dakini

Reigning from Australia, Dj Dakini is one of the most renowned underground female djs, with a global following & fanbase. Dakini currently specialises in “ancient future bass” and frequents the festival and ecstatic dance circuits of California and beyond. Currently playing all over the world, she is known to move any dancefloor with an infectious deep bassline & tribal sounds at festivals such as: Symbiosis Gathering, Lightning In A Bottle, Burning Man, Rainbow Serpent Festival & more. 

We took a moment with her and asked what she loves most about djing for Ecstatic Dance. Read her response below and catch her at the Santa Cruz Ecstatic Dance Monthly at the PCC this October 28th. 

Dj Dakini: I love taking people on an intentional dancefloor journey where the temple is the dance floor and the medicine is the music. There is a magic within entrainment, when everyone syncs with a beat – becoming greater than themselves as they embody being a part of a collective, expressing through movement, going beyond form and the mind.

As a facilitator of transformational spaces, in all of the work I do in the world – to me ecstatic dance is an opportunity to let go and transform. When I dj ecstatic dance I am actually just being a conduit for the crowd – I engage energetically with the dancefloor, and what I play is guided by the dancers. Curating experiences for those dedicated to self transformation without the need for external substances, is my passion. I truly believe music has the ability to heal, and when you are held in a community with that medicine, anything is possible.
After curating and djing at events for almost 20 years, I find no more potent spaces of transformation than on an ecstatic dance floor. I am now dedicated to being in service to such gatherings, on a regular basis, in the ecstatic dance community. I’ve actually shifted my focus away from playing anywhere else – at this time on the planet, we need community spaces dedicated to transformation, available to the broader community.
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