Dance as Generating Wholeness and Being Human Together

A well known staple in the Ecstatic Dance community, Daniel Mollner, has been holding it down every Monday night and Saturday Morning at the 418 Project. In addition, he facilitates a series of Contact Improvisation classes, has put together two Ecstatic Dance Bus Tours, and in the month of January 2018, he will be Djing and facilitating a few workshops at Dance Beyond in Guatemala.
This December 23rd, as part of a Winter Solstice tradition, Hamid and Daniel will be Djing at the PCC for the EDSC Monthly.
In the midst of all this activity, we had an opportunity to get some words from Daniel, regarding what he loves most about DJing for Ecstatic Dance. Read more below…

I love DJing and facilitating Ecstatic Dance because it is the most powerful way I know to connect people. Sometimes we turn within and get in touch with what stirs inside us. Sometimes we share our dance with others and trade inspiration or motivation. No matter where we each focus, we are all expressing together. And not only that–this next part is key–we are also simultaneously witnessing and acknowledging one another. Whether directly or indirectly, the dancers also affirm each other’s expression and presence as a part of something co-created and ultimately greater than the sum of it’s parts.

It is not uncommon for me to be moved to tears while DJing. I see people engaged in healthy activity, generating wholeness, and being human together in a life-affirming way. How could I not be deeply touched by people allowing themselves (and each other) to be free in moving their moment-to-moment truth through their bodies? And all the while bringing care and awareness to their effect on each other physically and emotionally? How could I not weep with joy at the sight of that?

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