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Inner Rhythm, October 19th, 2017


Let us dance with the elements of Fire. 

Transformation and Change.

Creation and Destruction.

Cleansing and Purification. 

Power of Determination and Forging Will.

Inner Light. Divine Light.

The Art of Connection with Self and Others

Inner Rhythm, October 12th, 2017

The Art Of Connection, w/ Self & Others

As a foundation of this movement practice, how do we each find our way to our own center, and root ourselves in the energies of centered-ness and grounded-ness? And how do we maintain this connection with self as we explore and engage outwardly with others – on the dance floor, and in the daily dance? And finally, what are the avenues; the unspoken languages into connection that foster safety, authenticity, and respect?

What Matters










Inner Rhythm, Sept 28th, 2017

What Matters

In the midst of all the outer reflections and manifestations of realities around us and in our world… Perhaps as we breathe deeply into ourselves, and become more willing to feel all that’s here- because we are more resourced than we used to be, inside ourselves, because we have this movement, this avenue of creative expression where everything, where all colors are welcome to be unstuck, to be free, including all those colors that we tend to avoid- we will re-member what matters.

Will we

go within and 

restructure the foundation of our manifestations

on a personal level and 



Will we

feel our feelings and 

un-damn the rivers

of emotion 

of energy in motion. 

Our soul’s journey. 

Will we

Open our hearts

let love go

let love flow


all those dark places

loving ourselves 


personally, intimately



What worth is

the other option.

Fall Equinox and Gateways to Freedom











Fall Equinox

Gateways To Freedom ~ 7 Years

Perhaps, like the natural cycles of the Earth and our Universe, everything has it’s timing. In my life, as I have opened to this, I have been much more friendly and relaxed with myself; not beating myself up for not pursuing or fulfilling this or that passion or goal. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not going to let life pass me by waiting for the heavens to open up and to be showered with golden light to know that this is the time – that this is the time to really engage my life force energy in pursuit of my dreams. Rather, in a more relaxed way, I choose to recognize that everything has it’s right timing. 

Perhaps, just as our body knows when to breathe, our inner knows when to act…



Inner Rhythm, Sept 14th, 2017


We are hard wired for connection. How can attuning to our own inner rhythm feed connections in our lives?  In the dance, are we willing to connect with our inner selves, our practice, our community, and a greater creative force that moves us all?

Inner Rhythm is hosted and Dj’d by my dear friend Sarah Mackota this week.

From Interiority To Conversation And Back


 Inner Rhythm, Sept 7th, 2017

“From Interiority To Conversation And Back”

As I was walking up Waddell Canyon on the North coast of Santa Cruz, away from the noisy, busy Highway 1 Labor Day weekend scene, I began to feel greeted and really welcomed by the natural beauty around me. I paused at the wetlands, and as the breeze made music through the tule and cattails, I received the invitation into my own breath, and into my own center. Still aware of the highway noise, I wondered how far, how deep into the canyon I would have to go to immerse myself in the quietude I was longing for. As I descended the other side of a gentle rise in the trail, I felt and heard the machine noise fall away and was greeted by the sound of a gurgling spring, the breeze in the trees, and again, my own breath. I was reminded of one of my favorite poems.

“… but this time alone 

the invisible line


you could mark exactly 

when you began to hear 

the sounds of the road 

and the machines of the blank

cries of everyday commerce,

so that for a moment you could 

retrace that one single step 

back into the Glen 

and immerse yourself 


in the quiet 

source of revelation 

you had felt 

only a moment before, 

as if underwater, 

as if slipping back 

into the river 

of silence running between 

the tree-lined walls 

and then you could practice 

leaving and 

returning in your own body, 

through your own breath, 

inward and outward, 

descending and 

entering and reentering the silence 

and shelter of your own 

narrow valley of aloneness, 

from interiority 

to conversation 

and back…”

Sligo Glen: Walking Out Of Silence

by David Whyte


 Inner Rhythm, Aug 17th, 2017









What might we be carrying inside us that wants to be acknowledged, felt, explored, expressed, witnessed, perhaps just simply allowed, without judgement? What creative resource may be longing to be tapped, or liberated, within the feelings we might tend to deny or push away?

Grounded. Rooted to Fly

Inner Rhythm, Aug 10th, 2017














What does getting grounded mean for you? How do you get there? Does it support your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual experience?

Last night when I went to dance, I found myself so in my head, not grounded in my body, not even in the room. Remembering that my heart meridian runs down my arms to the palms of my hands, I knelt on one knee, put both palms on the floor, breathed deeply, and felt my heart roots extending into the earth.

I am an earth child.

I was born here.

I reconnected with the powerful force that I come from.

Rooted to fly.