Inner Rhythm 7th Year!

Before it was birthed into an actual offering to community, I held Inner Rhythm in my heart for 10 years, as an idea, as a passionate seed longing to break free from it’s shell made of the energies of gestation, of maturing, of soul-need, and of fear. Dance is my life. Dance gives me life. I was so afraid to bring something so intimate to my soul out into the world. Eventually, the pain of not bringing it out became bigger than the fear. 

In July of 2010, I walked into the Santa Cruz Chi Center, our first home, and booked a date to start- it would be a Thursday, the Fall Equinox. Seemed like a good day to start. 

I had spent a lot of those 10 years beating myself up and judging myself harshly for not starting. This was a deeply painful process. And sometime in that first year, I realized that I was actually not ready. I realized I was not ready because I had not had a mature enough relationship with my own ego to be able to hold a container in a high integrity way. I was not perfect. I’m not perfect now. I am learning a lot. In my life now, there is this thing. This thing that calls me. This thing that invites; and demands that I continue to source deeply, feel fully, show up vulnerably, and dance myself into the best person I can be.

Love all around,

If you could express yourself fully authentically, with total freedom, what would that look like? On the dance floor, and in the daily dance?

We will have a collaborative altar and everyone is invited to bring a sacred item to adorn it – perhaps something that signifies the importance of dance in your life. We will also have candles to light, to hold the light, for our intentions and prayers as we enter into the darker part of the year.

Join us

Inner Rhythm

Inner Rhythm is free-form ecstatic dance/movement meditation. It is a practice of being present in the moment, and in our bodies. Being authentic. Feeling, healing and transforming. Witnessing and being witnessed.

We move into allowing and feeling the full range of this human experience. When we really settle into ourselves and get out of our own way, there is room for healing and transformation.

Inner Rhythm is a place where we can safely surrender to the energy of what has either been locked or repressed within us.  We can also be empowered to awaken dormant passions, opening both inward and outward into full expression.  We experience greater capacity to live, move, and be in total freedom, responsibly. Continue reading

Inner Rhythm Has Moved!

Still every Thursday 8-10pm.
418 Project, 418 Front St. Santa Cruz.

Honesty… with self and others. When we really listen to our Inner Rhythm- to our teacher, there IS movement that can express what is there; and when we are willing to Allow this Honest expression, even surrender to it, follow it … that is what I’m pointing to.

With Humility and Gratitude,
The 418 Project.

Inner Rhythm is Moving!

Inner Rhythm is moving to the 418 Project 8-10pm beginning May 10th.
(Yes, it was gonna be April 26th. Now its May 10th)

Many of us are very excited about landing in this new home for Inner Rhythm. The choice to move on from the Chi Center has been a challenging one. The energy there has definitely supported a deep, safe container. And, it has been the birthplace of Inner Rhythm in Santa Cruz. We have pretty much maxed out the space at the Chi Center; which is the main reason for the move. I look forward to sharing a bigger space with you all!

If you haven’t yet been to Inner Rhythm, I invite you to join us at the Chi Center before we move. Come experience this sweet, charged, ecstatic vibe in it’s peak~ just before it is re-birthed into the 418.